BackGlory of Glass in Ancoats exhibition extended! Now runs weekdays 12 - 5pm until 24th June 2016

The Glory of Glass in Ancoats exhibition hosted on the ground floor at Bridge 5 Mill has been extended due to popular demand! The exhibition, which originally run between 8 - 11 June, has now been extended until Friday 24 June. You can visit the exhibition weekdays between 12 - 5pm.

The Glory of Glass in Ancoats: A Hidden History

Weekdays until 24 June 2016, 12 – 5pm

Bridge 5 Mill

22a Beswick Street


M4 7HR

At the exhibition, there will be an opportunity for anybody who would like to get involved to create a sketching masterpiece based on a description of a procession that took place in Manchester in 1832 in celebration of the Reform Act. There will be a space set aside within the venue at Bridge 5 so that those with sketch books on hand can sit down and produce even something simple from part of the description. We are hoping anybody and everybody will get involved - from professional artists to people who just like drawing.

And of course, it will be your artwork for you to do as you wish. But remember we would love to publicize it with a credit!

The Glory of Glass in Ancoats: A Hidden History is Ancoats Dispensary Trust’s contribution to the Manchester Histories Festival 2016. An exhibition providing a unique insight into the little known yet thriving industry that flourished in Ancoats in the mid-19th century up to the late 1960s. Photographs and glass objects will be shown.

If you too are interested in the fascinating history of the Ancoats glassworks or having anything that you would like to contribute to the exhibition please get in touch with the exhibition curator and Ancoats Dispensary Trust’s coordinator Linda Carver at @lindacarver4 or email at