BackCEO Karen Houghton speaking at the Institute of Historic Building Conservation | Friday 24 June 2016

On Friday 24 June Ancoats Dispensary Trust CEO Karen Houghton (@smashingkaren) will be speaking at the Institute of Historic Building ConservationThe IHBC is the professional body for building conservation practitioners and historic environment experts working in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with connections to the Republic of Ireland. The Institute exists to establish, develop and maintain the highest standards of conservation practice, to support the effective protection and enhancement of the historic environment, and to promote heritage-led regeneration and access to the historic environment for all.

The location is Worcester University Arena, Hylton Road, Worcester, WR2 5JN.

Click here for the event flyer or download a detailed programme of events PDF from the bottom of the page.

Karen told the Institute of Historic Building Conservation:

I have the great honour of working with a passionate group of people in a radical community business in Manchester. We are saving the Ancoats Dispensary from being demolished, but more importantly we are creating a vibrant business that provides somewhere for people to come together, have fun, share food and feel better about themselves.

We are in a joint venture with Igloo Regeneration and have a Stage 1 Heritage Enterprise Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which means we can stop the building from deteriorating further while we work up schemes for its repurposing into a twenty-first century community facility.

I trained as a chartered surveyor and have experience in business development, community engagement and project management. This job feels like I’ve finally found the place where I can use all my varied skills, but more importantly where I feel that what we are doing will make a positive difference to lots of people’s lives, not least our own. That’s at the heart of why I’m so passionate about community businesses.