What you need to know about medical cannabis

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant from Central Asia that is grown in many parts of the world today. The Cannabis plant produces a resin with psychoactive properties known as cannabinoids. Some of these cannabinoids are known to have medicinal properties, and have been used for centuries in various cultures to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments. Recent studies have shown that cannabinoids can have positive effects on a wide variety of medical conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. In some states, medical cannabis is now legal, and patients are able to get a prescription from their doctor for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Cannabis oil is one of the most popular ways to consume medical cannabis. Cannabis oil is made by extracting the cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant. The oil can be taken orally, rubbed on the skin, or inhaled. The oil can also be used in cooking, as it can be added to various recipes. There are few types of CBD product such as CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies, CBD Vape Oil, CBD Cream and CBD Spray. Cannabis has been shown to be effective in treating a wide variety of medical conditions. If you are considering using cannabis for medicinal purposes, be sure to talk to your doctor first to see if it is right for you.


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Read here about the history of the much-loved Grade II listed Ardwick and Ancoats Dispensary (1874-present) - the last remaining building of the historic Ancoats Hospital (1828).

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