Our Constitution

The Ancoats Dispensary Trust, formed in July 2012, exists to:

  • Drive the restoration of the Grade II listed former Ardwick and Ancoats Dispensary building and to provide a venue for the benefit of the whole community of Ancoats within an historical and architectural gem.
  • Provide a sustainable venue that will lead to a 'working' and positive future for the building, shaped by the needs of the community and for future generations.
  • Support the wider economic, social and cultural regeneration of the Ancoats neighbourhood through beneficial partnerships with both professional and public bodies.


To achieve these aims, The Trust will:

  • Ensure that any changes respect the distinctive heritage of the Ardwick and Ancoats Dispensary and, where possible, contribute to the wider interests of the neighbourhood.
  • Gather and represent the views of the people of Ancoats and nearby communities of Manchester, and involve these people in the work to restore and develop the Ardwick and Ancoats Dispensary.
  • Form co-operative links with local authorities, statutory agencies, businesses, voluntary and community groups, schools, health services and other appropriate organisations.
  • Organise fundraising events and activities to support the achievement of the Ancoats Dispensary Trust’s objectives, and take any lawful action that helps to realise the aims of the Ancoats Dispensary Trust.

Membership of the Ancoats Dispensary Trust is:

  • Open to any person or group that subscribes to the aims and objectives of the group. 
  • Open to any person or group who subscribes to the democratic decisions made by the group.